Headshave at 16

I was 16 years of age when I traveled to Bangladesh with my family. My folks are initially from that point. When I arrived, I couldn’t deal with the warmth. I was continually sweating and grumbling. One day my mother instructed me to prepare to go to the shopping center. So I did in a blue salwar kammez. My mother, close relative, more youthful cousin and I were sitting tight outside the entryway for the driver. From far away my mother recognized an old man under a tree. She solicited my close relative is that one from those individuals who do hair styles? Also, my close relative said no doubt. My mother said gives up there I need to see something. My auntie was advising her to abandon it however my mother demanded.


So we strolled over yonder and my mother asked what amount do you charge? The old man asked relying upon who. So my mother said its for my little girl while indicating me. I got stunned. I resembled mama what are you saying however she totally disregarded me. At the point when the old man asked what would you like to do, she said I need to get her shaved. The old man gave his cost and my mother instructed me to take a seat. I declined so she got extremely furious. She said this warmth is intolerable for kids like me, best activity is go bare. My close relative additionally said no doubt now is a decent time for nera (shaving). I began to cry and the old man started his work. He wet my hair with chilly water, took a cutting edge and began to shave from the center of the head. It was everywhere. I was getting to be bare.


After 5 mins he requested that my mother feel it however she said to do it once again with shaving cream, so he did. After he was done he put post-shaving astringent gel on my head. It was an extremely chilly inclination. My cousin took a gander at me and couldn’t quit giggling. Here I was 16 years of age, totally bare and she was just 12 with midriff length hair. I was so humiliated. My mother didn’t give me a chance to cover my head. I got such a large number of interesting looks. A few people even halted my mother at the shopping center to inquire as to whether was newly shaven. When I returned home, rest of the family were giggling and making jokes.

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